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We're a Swiss-based consulting company helping startups, scaleups & SME's connect to create synergies and exchange expertise.

Our approach

Building long-term relationships

We’re in it for the long haul. We’re looking for long-term commitment that allows us to grow together. Having an exciting project in which we believe is truly important to us, because this is what gives us the energy to go to work every day and give it our best. We also select projects based on how well we get along with the people involved. After all, our philosophy is to look for long term partnerships so we’d rather work with people we get along with.

Laura and Julien in Mountain Hub Verbier
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Partner companies

These companies decided to work with us.

OPP have partnered with Julien and Laura for a number of years now. They understand the hurdles we face as a growing startup and the whole team have a real passion for people and our project which is very hard to find with traditional suppliers. Time is taken to understand us as people and our product and this translates into a working relationship that is all the stronger for it.

They invest time in relationships and structure. OPP benefits hugely as our IT development is managed by experts who come with ideas and solutions rather than problems. We can also stay updated easily due to the systems they put in place. Great communication is critical in project management and they ensure this. When people become part of your company who are not employees you know you have a much greater chance of success and that's what they provide!

Mark Wilson

Co-Founder at OPP


Let's meet

Hi, we’re Laura & Julien and together we run Five Oaks. Feel free to reach out if you’d like to discuss a project or just would like to meet up for a coffee.